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As You Like It, Globe Touring Ensemble: a pleasant summer comedy

This article was commissioned by  The Upcoming , where it appeared for the first time. Photo Credit: Marc Brenner The great wooden “O” of Shakespeare’s Globe exudes a particular charm on a chilled summer evening. After so much time spent indoors glued to screens, this theatre – the perfect venue for enjoying live outdoor performances (weather permitting) – is a sight for sore eyes: the central weeks of the season are graced by the alternation of the on-site production with two (three, if also considering the Audience Choice ) shows, brought on stage by the Globe Touring Ensemble . One of the most visible differences between the two is the use of stripped-back sets by the latter due to the itinerant nature of the company. In this case, the backdrop is left bare, meaning that the design is down to the imagination of the audience and the prowess of the performers, who must fill up what is physically absent in terms of props and scenery. Although not as successful in terms of utilising th

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