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A Lively Curiosity is not only an essential element for a journalist, but it could well be considered the best approach to life.

Event reviews, culture pieces, features on social issues: this, and much more, is what you will find here.

My name is Cristiana and I took my first flight to London in September 2014, in order to attend a postgraduate programme at the University of Westminster and to appreciate the homeland of journalism.

After all this time in the British world, there is still so much to wonder about.
I like to write and I hope you will enjoy the stories I meet!

Words online: here and where

Britain's Moral Borders is a collection of pieces I have produced as part of my Final Project in Radio Documentary. At the beginning of summer 2015, a continuous flow of news and reports was coming in about the hundreds of migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea and the UK government - not left alone by some other EU countries -  deploying forces to stop their arrival. With interviews and data research, I investigated: what may be the country’s moral obligations to accept more asylum seekers?

I currently write reviews, features, and interviews for The Upcoming on the vast and fascinating world of culture and arts.

Some of my pieces for the Salesian Community have appeared on Agenzia Info Salesiana website.

Fashion and entertainment, interviews with artists and designers, and some of the original photos I took have also been published on Disclaimer Magazine and t! Magazine.

A selection of photos for this blog can be found in the Photo Gallery page or on my Flickr account.

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