DOA party at Hamleys

When clouds cover the sky, there is nothing better than the big smile of a superhero to bring the sun back to its place. And if there are many superheroes, with their potentiated wheelchairs, supersonic prosthesis, and hypnotic eyes, well, no space for doom and gloom: they are coming to save the world!

During ordinary time, they occasionally save also the day from a grey play-alone summer morning. And that’s what happened on Sunday the 26th of June.

At 10am, the doors of Hamleys in Regent Street opened to welcome a jumping and excited crowd of superheroes, all coming down to the city centre to celebrate the pre-launch of the comic book Department of Ability.

Feeling a bit powerless without my superhero outfit – sad thing when you rush out of the door and forget it under a huge pile of unworn clothes (you know, to keep it well hidden to protect your secret identity!) -, I had though the chance to see colourfully equipped kids playing, running, quizzing all over the 4 toys-packed floors.

The most powerful weapon: their smile.

While pointing the lens everywhere among the shoulders of spellbound children – as well as grown-ups, like me! –  stilt walkers, magicians, and jugglers wandered around playing their tricks.
Rio & Emily
(You can see these pictures in the Photo Gallery or on Flickr)

DOA colouring book
As an orchestra played cartoon and movies tunes, goodie bags and the brand-new DOA colouring books were distributed among the cheerful crowd.

Among the guests, not to forget M.B.E. Paralympian Hannah Cockcroft, Paralympian Sam Ruddock and TV’s Bad Education star Jack Binstead.

Organized and supported by the charity Strongbones, the party celebrated once again the beauty in disabilities and the strong powers these children have, for their families and the whole society.

I previously met Dan White, writer and creator of the Department of Ability. Here you can find the interview and a bit more of insight into the project.

You can watch the trailer and the film made by Creative Planets for the day.

Looking forward to the next steps of this amazing and inspiring project!