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28 May 2015: sailors and Royal Marines of HMS Bulwark help migrants ashore
Photo Credit: Royal Navy Media Archive. License
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UK government sent its navy force for rescue operations in the Mediterranean, but it opted out further EU proposals to take in more asylum seekers.

“I think there is a moral obligation to fish people out of the sea,” said Philip Hollobone, Member of Parliament for the Kettering constituency. “But I don’t see that this country has any moral obligation to take in large number of migrants from North Africa.”

Philip Hollobone, Member of Parliament for the Kettering constituency, explains why EU proposals would not work.

Asylum Seekers (Return to Nearest Safe Country) Bill, presented by Philip Hollobone MP in 2013

UK resulted 14th in Europe for number of positive asylum applications per population size. Despite this, the Home Office states the country is not able to accept EU plans for the relocation and resettlement of 60 000 refugees across the continent.

Economic and political obligations towards its citizen are a priority for the government. Don’t we have, though, also a moral duty to accept the many migrants who risk their life to seek a shelter or better conditions in Europe?

“People just call them migrants or refugees and bulk them altogether - explained me Chiara Gnoli, from IOM UK - whereas we have to understand who these people are in order to be able to develop a more comprehensive response.”

Chiara Gnoli, for IOM UK, talks about the positive impact of migration. In the current years, people's movement and communication becomes faster and easier.

Number of Migrants Landing in Europe in 2015 - International Organization for Migration's press release

Cristiana Ferrauti asked the Rt Revd Dr Walker - Bishop of Manchester -, Sue Peake – CEO of Springfield Community Flat –, and Ted Honderich - Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of Mind and Logic at UCL – what may be Britain’s moral responsibilities.
Springfield Community Flat

Rt Revd Dr David Walker, Bishop of Manchester, talks about what the individual citizen can do. In a moral and political debate over the acceptance of more asylum seekers from the Mediterranean, also the single person can play his part.

Peter Smith, from the Bow Group, explains why all the debate on asylum seekers' acceptance mainly points the finger to the United Kingdom.

The Bow Group at BBC Big Questions - How should the UK deal with Asylum Seekers?

EU refugee quota plan is already crumbling by Vincenzo Scarpetta, Open Europe
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