#Wembleybomb. Unexploded weapon triggers confusion close to Wembley Stadium.

IIWW German bomb discovered in Wembley.

Twitter hosts complaints, updates, and momorable pics as detonating operations go on in the area..

  1. Unexploded bomb from WWII just discovered in Wembley, UK.#bomb #wwii #wembleybomb
  2. The first bomb alerts come live on Twitter on Thursday afternoon.
  3. Wembley: an unexploded German bomb, back to the Second World War, sees the light in Empire Way on the 21st of May.
  4. Some newspapers dates the discovery in the early afternoon. However, the police starts patrolling the area at around 7 pm.
  5. Roads closed after an unexploded bomb is found from WWII #Wembley #wembleybomb http://t.co/0ugspscPFH
    Roads closed after an unexploded bomb is found from WWII #Wembley#wembleybomb pic.twitter.com/0ugspscPFH
  6. Grateful to get back to the flat, but told we may still be evacuated#wembleybomb
  7. In their return at home, many people find the extent of the alarm.
  8. There are police cordons just after Wembley Park underground station. Families and students who live in the streets close to the red area have to find alternative accomodations.
  9. Police closed main road to Wembley stadium. No sure finish time. Residents can stay at Chalkhill community centre for overnight.#wembleybomb
  10. #wembleybomb #WWIIBomb Police not sure when would be finished. Evacuated residents can stay at community centre. pic.twitter.com/b9pXbBJFjM
  11. #WembleyBomb explained in this Blitz Hits Map - almost certainly landed during same raid as Empire Way red dot http://t.co/24IqIYXz87
    #WembleyBomb explained in this Blitz Hits Map - almost certainly landed during same raid as Empire Way red dot pic.twitter.com/24IqIYXz87
  12. In the morning, the army joins the police.
  13. The streets all around the stadium are still desert.
  14. I'm in #Wembley where a 2nd World War bomb close to @wembleystadium is being defused by the army #wembleybomb pic.twitter.com/AwlCjfcmnO
  15. Events, matches, and regular activities of the nearby centres are subject to possible changes. Among them, SSE ArenaWembley Stadium, and Brent Civic Centre.
  16. Currently closed due to #wembleybomb. For all those coming to see@DoctorWho this weekend please check online and here for updates. Thanks
  17. The #BrentHouse public event at the Civic Centre today may be rescheduled due to the #WembleyBomb. Follow @Brent_Council for updates.
  18. Disruptions not only for the residents, but also for the commuters. Ways around Wembley Stadium difficult to cross.
  19. Long queues around #Wembley this morning after closure of Wembley Park Drive due to #wembleybomb @BBCTravelAlert http://t.co/vivy0gGypt
    Long queues around #Wembley this morning after closure of Wembley Park Drive due to #wembleybomb @BBCTravelAlert pic.twitter.com/vivy0gGypt
  20. Unexploded WW2 bomb found by builders near #Wembley stadium - #wembleybomb @pressassoc http://t.co/rYuvetgQDX
    Unexploded WW2 bomb found by builders near #Wembley stadium -#wembleybomb @pressassoc pic.twitter.com/rYuvetgQDX
  21. Three of army camions just came out from closure area. #wembleybomb#WWIIBomb #wembley pic.twitter.com/6ZuqJ07qcL
  22. People who live or work in the area still face an unclear situation. Possible evacuations, access and way out from the buildings may be restricted/denied, unsure the time for the detonation.
  23. What is the latest information on this? Will the residents of quadrant court be able to go in their homes? When? #wembleybomb#brentcouncill
  24. #wembleybomb: 300 addresses including Britain's Got Talent studios evacuated as a precaution. Ongoing work to defuse the device
  25. Finally, more information for the rest of the day arrives on the Web by authorities' tweets.
  26. #wembleybomb update: Bomb to be made safe and moved to another location for detonation at some point in afternoon.
  27. As soon as the #wembleybomb is moved at some point this afternoon, the cordon will be lifted.
  28. The bomb leaves Wembley, with the community's greetings.
  29. Goodbye #wembleybomb. The cordon is now being lifted. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.
  30. Free at last! The #wembleybomb was moved and the lock down is finally lifted! Still lots of sirens and police driving around though#wembley

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