Sing a song, but not alone

Photo Credit: Cristiana Ferrauti

Mixture of voices

A choir is the union of many and different voices. A single singer cannot make a choir by himself and it is not so automatic even that a bunch of people make it as well.
It is a matter of the right mixture, the correct balance, and the harmony among the single elements.

It becomes more significant when a so difficult-to-mingle group is joined by people of different backgrounds and with lives so distant from each other.

Mixture of people

During the evening of the 4th December, the 3FF choir performed a selection of Christmas carols at Euston station.

Three Faiths Forum3FF – was founded in 1997.
The name is due to the Muslim, Christian, and Jewish communities which the charity worked with in the very beginning.
Photo Credit: Cristiana Ferrauti
During the following years, yet, the organization, stepped forwards towards the wider Londoners public, dealing with religious as well as non-religious people.

The Mixed Up Choir is part of this project.
Standing near the other person, with the common objective to perform a good piece of music, may be the easiest but also the most efficient way to knock down the barriers made by the differences

What is special in it

Natasha Fernando, 23 years old, is an Italian student in London. She joined the choir when she started her internship at 3FF earlier this year.

“What makes it so different – she said - from other choirs is its international repertoire of songs. They are popular and important in their countries not only because of their religious nature but also at a cultural level”.

“For instance – she continued - we sang 'Shosholoza', which is originally from Zimbabwe but was then adopted in South Africa. There it became so popular to be known as a second national Anthem. It was first sung by miners during colonization who finally got to go back home after weeks of hard labour. When in prison, Mandela liked to sing it, looking at the movement of the train cited in the text as the fight against the Apartheid”.

“It's the diversity of the songs that make it really special”.

Photo Credit: Cristiana Ferrauti

The link with Camden

The Mayor of Camden, councillor Lazzaro Pietragnoli, willsupport 3FF during this year.

His intent is to promote the role of the diverse population in the borough, who has to be seen as a source more than an obstacle.
In particular, the Mayor will raise funds for the Urban Dialogues programme, which aim consists in gathering people from different cultures through the arts.

What man divides, art makes as a unique thing

Music, as every other form of artistic expression, becomes by this way the tool and, at the same time, the objective of the project.

The choir offers the opportunity to join a multi-coloured group. It is the proof that diversity is not a great deal when there are passion and will to get involved.