Francesco Totti’s retirement is still far

Sport section of The Guardian - Front page
Photo Credit: Cristiana Ferrauti
At the age of 38 years and three days, the captain of the Roma football team strikes the goal who led him into the record.

The Champions League match played yesterday evening at Manchester ended with a draw, but the Italian supporters can still have their moment of glory.
Indeed, what appears on the front page of the sport section of English newspaper The Guardian is the typical gesture of triumph of the so-called “Pupone”.

After less than half of an hour from the beginning, Roma brought back home its point.
Francesco Totti is the first football player in the Italian league for goals scored within the same team – actually, two hundred and thirty-five goals since his uninterrupted career within the Roma, started in the 1992.

However, the strength and the energy at this age could be questioned.
At 13:07 of the match day, ManchesterCity FC posted this tweet: “We're looking forward to hosting you @OfficialASRoma, and a legendary player such as Totti. He's never scored in England, has he? #CityvRoma”.
The answer from the ASRoma – “You're right, @MCFC. Our Capitano has never scored in England. But there's always a first time for everything... #CityvRoma” – seems to point out the moral defeat of this match.

The team includes aged members, but there is no room to make fun of it: you can run like a boy if you have a strong passion for the game.

Nevertheless, it’s not really the single-player record that the Italian football player wants to remark in the interview with the journalists.
“It really wasn’t something I was thinking of when I was on the pitch,” Totti said. “Records arrive thanks to the help of your team-mates and what really matters is the result of the team” – as reported by The Guardian.

Fabio Ferrauti, Italian Istat employee, 50 years old and a Roma’s supporter since long time, doesn’t seem to care a lot about the need of retirement of the beloved captain.
“Could you remember Alan Shearer?”, he said. “Was his age a problem? He is the best striker in premier league until now. Totti is the best striker living in Serie A and the second one at all. I think we have to expect something else that make football so lovely and exciting”.

Manchester City will play against Moscow CSKA , in the Russian capital city, on the 21st of October.
Whereas, on the same day, Roma will meet Bayer Monaco on the Italian pitch.

For further biographical details: Francesco Totti in Wikipedia


  1. football needs people like him: to affirm this game isn't bodily matter btu it's hearth and passion


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