The first strongest action against organized crime in Europe

photo credit: Rory Hyde

Europol has set the biggest ever international police operation in the European continent, Operation Archimedes.

They have arrested 1,027 people, which includes criminals targeted for the trade of firearms, illegal immigration and tax fraud. Thirty Romanian children have been rescued from trafficking, whereas tons of drugs have been seized. Airports, border-crossing points and specific hot spots of crime are among over 260 places that have been checked.

The operation took nine days, from the 15th to the 23rd of September, and it required the joint action of 28 EU member states and 6 non-European more countries (that is Australia, Colombia, Norway, Serbia, Switzerland and USA).

Rob Wainwright, chief of Europol, underlines the importance of combined strengths, referring to this operation as “a reminder to even the most serious criminal groups that the international law enforcement community is determined to combat their illegal activities”.

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