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Rice!, Wayang Kitchen: food-fuelled theatre experience

  This article was commissioned by  The Upcoming , where it appeared for the first time. Simmering, spooning, sprinkling: simple gestures and key ingredients have the power to connect one’s present identity to memories and traditions. Amongst familiar flavours, family rituals and personal twists on old recipes, the bubbling pots and pans become intimate friends, in the company of which a migrant could easily rekindle the smells and chatter of home. Wayang Kitchen theatre company stirs these food-fuelled sentiments into the story as we follow Connie, a Chinese-Malaysian-born girl whose relocation to the UK starts her on a path that gradually veers away from the one traced by her parents and grandparents. One hour ahead of Rice! , the attendants are invited to join a cooking class led by Set the Tables , live streaming from Kuala Lumpur , to prepare congee (rice porridge) and tea eggs . The room is warmed up by the spices, the sizzling anchovies and the sweet steam of the rice, before

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