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After all: grief reload

There may be a musical sequence to express any kind of feelings: happiness, sadness, anger, excitement. Being humans all different, if the right tune is not out there already, we are capable of producing it ourselves, and likely to go through a cathartic process in the making. That’s what Alex – protagonist of After All - has experienced after his brother’s death, as he discovered and tried music therapy. The last resource he recurred to in order to cope with grief, it proved not only good for bereavement, but it enabled him to communicate his story more openly.

Raw material in the form of notes and acting: Michael Brazil, the artist behind this one-man show, experiments with diverse storytelling techniques to accompany the audience through Alex’s journey of depression and healing. The 45 minutes performance at the Actors Centre this April is the latest product of a work in progress, aiming at a one-hour long production and possibly a complete musical.

The content comes from a mix of…

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