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Girl from the North Country: Dylan reimagined on stage

This article was commissioned by The Upcoming, where it appeared for the first time.
With a tender dialogue between acting and singing, McPherson moulds a story for the stage that both touches the heart and pleases the ears. Smooth transitions and a deft cast give shape to Dylan’s poetic music.

Nick (Donald Sage Mackay) and Elizabeth (Katie Brayben) have a guesthouse in Duluth, Minnesota. The latter, affected by dementia, speaks her mind, giving voice at times to truths that normally go politely unsaid. The Depression of the early 30s in America hits the cunning and the unfortunate in equal measure. A varied crowd passes by, some coming from nowhere and only staying for a short time – like boxer Joe (Shaq Taylor) – others moving in for a longer period, waiting for the release of their wealth – like the widow Mrs Neilsen (Rachel John). Connecting them all is their tenancy under the same roof: they come from different circumstances, but all are limping towards survival. For the Laine co…

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